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funerary urns for pets

Price Guide
White urns from 30 €
Single colour urns from 40 €
Decorated white urns from 70 €
Decorated coloured urns from 80 €
With name 10 €
With photograph 35 €

If your pet has just passed away and you would like to preserve their ashes, Terdusud studio has a selection of original funerary urns you can choose for your dog, cat or any other pet.

These urns can be decorated according to my designs, left undecorated or personalised with a photograph or the name of your animal.

All urns are hand-thrown and hand-decorated. They can also be used as memorial containers to keep items relating to your pet : lead, collar, milk teeth, tags etc.


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  • white urn
  • urne 1
  • urne 2
  • urne 3
  • urne 4
  • urne 5
  • urne 6
  • urne 7
  • urne 8
  • urne 9
  • urne 10
  • urne 11
  • urne 12
  • urne 13
  • urne 14
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  • urne 16

Choose a colour using the colour board below

Citrine Jaune Safran Agathe
Corail Ecarlate Rubis Fushia
Grenat Amethiste Parme Turquoise
Malachite Vert Anis Bleu Ciel


Why not arrange an appointment with us to discuss possible designs?

Our advice is free and you will be warmly welcomed during this sometimes very difficult time.

An estimate will be drawn up during this meeting - prices are calculated according to the urn's shape, size and design.

Every piece is unique and personal to you, since - unless previously agreed ? the design is a product of the artist's imagination. You may also, if you wish, choose a particular theme. - 3, rue de la solidarité 92120 MONTROUGE France - (+33) 01 47 46 06 97 -

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